Hello and Welcome! I'm Mana. 

By day I work in the video game industry as a Global Community Manager and the other half of my time I create art, make crafts, blog, record videos, read lots of books, and do a myriad of other things whenever it intrigues me. I currently reside in the Bay Area of California with my beau.

Mana.Ink is my place where I talk about my love for all things Disney, gush about a variety of books, share my musings on korean dramas I'm watching, give you a peek at some of my art creation process (including my craft projects), and talk about my travels.

What else? 

  • I am a military brat
  • I've lived in 6 different states (New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Hawaii, and California) 
  • I was born overseas in Germany (recently visited Cologne for a short trip for work but would love to go again to actually experience Germany.)
  • I have two tattoos on the inside of my wrists, one side for Disney and the other for other geekery. I hope to one day start adding more to either side to eventually have full sleeves.
  • I LOVE to read, like a lot, I'm addicted to books and would love to have a library in my house in the far future (I live in the Bay Area so that might not even happen but one can dream!)
  • My hair color changes a lot (though I am attempting to stick with the purple for a long while.)
  • I love wrestling (when WWE isn't ruining it).
  • Karaoke is my jam.
  • I could live off of Mac n Cheese and Pork n Beans. 
  • Belle is the best Disney Princess.