Revamp and A Look Ahead

Welcome to my newly revamped space on the interwebs! 

I was super lucky to be able to snag this domain and I felt it was good to do a refresh on this blog, which included attempting to refocus what this space is. I've done a lot of blog hopping, between this and tumblr because I just had a hard time sticking to one thing but now that I've finally locked on something that was just "Mana" I decided it was a sign to really get my butt in gear. 

Well that and me getting into a steady groove with my day job I wanted to really pour myself into my creative endeavors again. I've missed creating on a consistent basis since I jumped into having a day job and no longer freelancing full-time. In 2015 I spent 100% of my time focusing on my day job, I was on contract and really wanted to show that I was worth keeping on as a regular full-time employee. Fast forward to 2016 and I achieved that goal but found myself getting really busy with stuff at work and the negative of pouring so much of my time into work (which included personal time at home in the evenings and on weekends) resulted in me not being able to "shut off" once I got home. 

Now that I have hit 30 (a milestone year on one of the biggest days in the United States --definitely won't be a year I forget) I looked back at all that I have accomplished since I moved to California in 2013 and feel that I am in a really good place to get myself back on track again. So here I am relaunching this blog with a new domain and a new drive, looking to get myself back in shape, and really start kickstarting my creative career again. 

I've seen plenty of friends who go after everything they want and succeed and I know that it is finally time for me to invest in myself and my abilities. So here is to a really awesome 2017 and to kicking butt and taking names!

♡ Mana