Cunning Single Lady

Na Ae Ra (Lee Min Jung) and Cha Jung Woo (Joo Sang Wook) are a pair fated to be together. Cha Jung Woo spends his time at a rice soup restaurant owned by Na Ae Ra’s family where he studies hard for the exams that will help determine where he will be able to get a job. The two fall in love and get married but when Cha Jung Woo decides to quit his comfortable job to pursue his own business Na Ae Ra spends a lot of time scrapping to keep the two a float. The strain becomes too much and she asks for a divorce, though Cha Jung Woo is reluctant to do so, and she goes to start her life over.

Fast forward 3 years and she has learned to become independent, having worked several jobs to pay off her debts when suddenly fate seems to have other plans for her and throws Cha Jung Woo back into her life.

I really LOVED this series. I found that while I could get frustrated with the two main characters there was a charm about them that constantly made me want to cheer them on. The siblings, Gook Yeo Jin and Gook Seung Hyun, made me love and hate them at every turn. Their stories were also intriguing, though I feel that there was more I could’ve learned about them.

Without realizing it I marathoned the show because I couldn’t get enough of all of the characters.

SHOW: Cunning Single Lady
STARRING: Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook
FOUND ON: Netflix and Dramafever EPISODES: 16