Fated to Love You

The TL:DR version: It made me laugh, get frustrated, and cry but ultimately it was down right amazing.

Fated to Love You is a show about two people who, after a chance encounter and a night that neither remember, find themselves now facing the reality of becoming parents. The show stars Jang Hyuk (Lee Gun) and Jang Na Ra (Kim Mi Young), two individuals who seem to be fated to be together but circumstances keep tearing them apart.

Lee Gun is a positive and up beat man who is rich – sophisticated -and the only male heir for his family. Despite making the family's company extremely successful he is still having to fight to make sure his place in the line of succession is secure -to do this he must get married and produce an heir in a years time. Lee Gun is dating the beautiful Kang Se Ra ( Wang Ji Won ), a prima ballerina, with plans to propose to her while they both head off to a beautiful vacation spot. Kim Mi Young is a young woman who is too nice for her own good who currently works as an intern at a law firm who finds herself with a free trip for two to a beautiful vacation destination, she invites a gentleman co-worker who is a lawyer at the firm that she has a huge crush on in hopes that this will help to kindle a romance between them. Fate had other plans for these two souls and through happenstance Kim Mi Young wakes up to find that she is naked in bed with Lee Gun and things get crazy.

But despite the main story there is an interesting sub plot from the character Daniel ( Choi Jin Hyok), a famous painter who leads a very quiet life. Daniel, who was an orphan as a child before he was adopted, is on a mission to find his sister who disappeared years ago when he went to get ice cream for the both of them. Kim Mi Young has a chance encounter with Daniel whom she mistakes to be a priest and the two find themselves running into one another during particular moments in Kim Mi Youngs life.

I highly recommend this wonderful K-Drama –I went on a binge because I just had to know what would happen next!

SHOW: Fated to Love You
STARRING: Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra
FOUND ON: Netflix and Dramafever EPISODES: 20