I have a weakness for Korean dramas and since I have people asking me about which ones they should watch I thought would just do mini reviews of them. So here we go! This was such an adorable little drama, only 15 episodes long so it is on the short side, but I fell in love with the characters almost instantly. Heartstrings follows the life of Lee Shin, who is majoring in modern music, and Kyu Won, born into a prestigious family who is majoring in traditional music. After a small encounter their lives just seem to constantly intertwine and together they discover things about themselves, friends, and each other while preparing for the 100th Anniversary Celebration. One thing I loved about this show is the ability to mix all kinds of music and dance together. The actors did a fantastic job of portraying emotions and making you care about what was happening in each persons life, even the ones you were supposed to dislike.

I would definitely check it out!

SHOW: Heartstings
STARRING: Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye
FOUND ON: Netflix and Dramafever