My Unrealistic Goals For 2019



Recently I was inspired by the lovely Jordan, from Hello Miss Jordan to write out a list of unrealistic goals for 2019 (she recently did a follow up to her post highlighting the status of the goals and its truly inspiring!) 

These are crazy, aspirational goals that I'm not 100% sure I will actually achieve next year but the possibility is truly exciting. After all, you have to put out the positive vibes in order to get positive outcomes right?

So here are my 5 'Unrealistic' Goals for 2019:

1. Reach these follower milestones: 20K Twitter, 10K Instagram, 10K Twitch, 100 Patrons

I know this seems a bit ridiculous, especially considering folks always talking about how its not about the numbers, but there is a small sense of pride in knowing that people are interested in what you are saying. So here are numbers that I consider unattainable for me right now (and this is coming from someone who has to understand algorithms and data on a daily basis for work lol). 

2. Collaborate with Disney / Pixar / Studio Ghibli

If this actually happened I might cry. I know that all three are connected (Disney owns Pixar and they release distribute Studio Ghibli films) but they are three that I look up to for the stories, creativity, and inspiration they provide me, and others, every day.

3. Be invited to a Disney film premiere.

I would legitimately freak out about this. There are so many movies releasing next year for Disney that being part of that magic would be surreal.

4. Travel to 12 different places.

Outside of traveling for work related purposes I rarely, if ever, travel for my own personal pleasure. I'd like to change that.

5. Go to one international Disney Park.

This needs no explanation lol.

What are some of your unrealistic goals for the 2019?

♡ Mana