To Infinity and Beyond


As I’m sitting here typing this out, watching the gif above loop endlessly, I’m wondering where all of the time has gone. 24 years ago, little 9 year old me watched in aw as this movie all about toy’s coming to life played on the screen, and as I sat in the theater as an adult I got really emotional. With this movie reportedly being the last in the series it felt really special to be getting to watch this movie and be reminded of the simple joys of playing make-believe with toys could bring.

I’m not going to go too in-depth with a review of the movie itself but here is my two cents on it:

I loved it. The pacing felt really great, the character development felt much stronger than 3, and there were several moments that had me crying (especially the end). It was great to see flashbacks and to see the return of BoPeep and be reminded of how much I - and so many young kids- need a tough, cheerful, and inspiring woman character in my life right now. I also LOVED Forky, like a LOT. He was a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how scary, excited, and new life can be.


The movie itself was a much needed reminder for me that I don’t need to continue doing things the way I have simply because that is how its always been done. We all grow, even toys, and its okay to chase new dreams (or old dreams you just never followed) and go after new experiences. Life is too short to stay in one place and not continue to learn and grow.

Let me know what you think about the movie!