The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Last year I took the plunge back into reading not realizing how captivated I was going to get by this amazing book series. What am I talking about? The Selection Series by Kiera Cass of course! Never heard of it?? Well let me enlighten you today! The Selection series is a dystopian series taking place in this society called Illea. We are introduced to America Singer, who found herself selected as one of the lucky 35 girls vying for the heart of Prince Maxon. In each novel were are introduced to interesting characters who find themselves wanting change in a world where the higher castes get everything because they were born into it while the lower castes work extremely hard just to survive.

There were moments where I found myself switching allegiances, but always rooting for America. As a character America felt REAL, she wasn’t just some cookie cutter girl who got things handed to her. She fought for the things and people she loved and refused to let others choose her life for her. Each book I saw her character evolve from a girl who wasn’t really naive to the world but had no grasp as to the things outside of her bubble to becoming this amazing young woman who had to face more dangers than most ever would in their lives.

It brought to question a lot of things for me: How would I react in a situation like that? Is a person who creates a system they imagined would bring about prosperity the bad guy or simply misguided because of how things turned out? It also brought home how women still compete against one another hardcore for certain things, even relying on trickery to get ahead, but what would happen if they started acting like the women in this book did once they realized they shouldn’t be attacking one another but supporting one another instead.

I would highly recommend this book series to anyone who loves YA Dystopian novels. There is a continuation to the series coming out soon called “The Heir” so definitely keep a look out!

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