Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Disney Movies

If there is one subject I'm guaranteed to talk your ear off about it is Disney. Today I wanted to chat a bit about one area in particular that I do get asked about: Movies. In particular, what is my FAVORITE Disney movie. Instead of just naming one I thought I'd take the time to give my Top 5 because while number one is still my all time favorite, others on this list are just as amazing. 

At number five we have 'The Little Mermaid'. While it is not one of my particular favorites I do enjoy watching it over and over again. I resonate with how Ariel wants to know more about the world and explore all it has to offer. My all time favorite line from this movie "I'm sixteen years old, I'm not a child!" GURRLLLLLLL let's be real now, you are totally acting like a child the minute you say something like that. 

I am looking forward to a live action version of this if and when it becomes a thing. 

Big Hero 6 comes in at number four and man does it just put you through a roller coaster of emotions! I watched it again last night (as of writing this blog) and it still makes me laugh - cry - get angry at all the same moments no matter how many times I've watched it. It's also visually stunning and just makes me say "wow!" every single time.

Of course there was going to be a Disney animal movie in this and my all time favorite hands down (and coming in at number three on my list) is Lady and the Tramp. I am a sucker for dog movies and this just did a great job of explaining the loyalty and love of an animal while also pointing out that not every animal is well off. 

It didn't hit me till I was older but they really slide in the "one night stand" thing pretty freaking smoothly. Hinting at romantic relations without screaming it in your face, totally perfect. 

THIS MOVIE. THIS FREAKING MOVIE. Coming in at number 2 (and at times almost beating out number one) is Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. I know a lot of people just brush off the Tinkerbell movies like they are nothing because they do go direct to DVD / Bluray but man you REALLY need to watch them. The stories are amazing and the animation is out of this world for a direct to DVD / Bluray film. 

This story in particular focuses on the fairy Fawn (who I resonate a lot with) who is a friend of Tinkerbell's and the monster she discovers and names Gruff. I am going to give a warning: THIS MOVIE WILL SCREW WITH YOUR EMOTIONS. DO NOT WATCH WHILE EVEN SLIGHTLY DRUNK / BUZZED.

Forever at number one is Beauty and the Beast. I love this movie SOOOOO MUCH. Belle is still my favorite princess, when I got to meet her at Disneyland I had to keep it together because I wanted to cry (and that was less than a year ago.) Belle's love of books and the epic stories they hold really resonates with me as a lover of books. I always joke that my love of books rivals my love for Disney / Harry Potter. 

To those who might be wondering: YES, I AM excited about the live action movie and was SO happy to hear that Emma Watson was going to play Belle. I think she is going to be perfect for this role (and secretly I had been hoping for this for years since the end of the Harry Potter movies.) 

While at this moment I feel that number one and two on this list are there forever I am always blown away with how well Disney Animation has been doing lately that things could always change for the other three placements. What are some of your favorite Disney movies? 

♡ Mana