I Love Barbie

Why yes, that is a picture of good ol' Barbie. You see, Barbie is a kick ass gal with a pretty rad online presence. But Barbie is a doll! Barbie isn't real! That might be true but the Barbie brand are seriously killing it lately. You see when I was younger I didn't have Barbie movies, I had Disney (which I obviously love) and I had Harry Potter, but for the time that I worked at Blockbuster I fell head over heels in love with Barbie. And not really the dolls but the movies. 

Part of that love might have to do with the "girl power" message and also promoting love and respect to those around you. But there is just something about those movies that just speaks to me and now Barbie has upped her game but vlogging. Yep, thats right, Barbie has a vlog! I've been watching it for some time now as I find the level of detail and accuracy it has with regards to how you see some content creators making vlogs to be on point. Not only that but every episode Barbie has a new hair do, objects can be placed into or moved around in her room, and she even does makeup tutorials and challenges. In her videos, she will either talk about something she is going through or she will bring friends or siblings along for a fun challenge but no matter what the theme of the video is always the same: Be true to yourself. 

One particular video always gets to me, it's where she talks a bit about mental illness in a way that anyone of any age can understand. Check it out and let me know what you think and remember: Positive Attitude Changes Everything.

♡ Mana