Disneyland Trip - September 2017


Disneyland is my happy place and as a kid at heart it is the one place I will always choose if asked where I want to go for vacation. There is just something about Disney that just makes you not want to care about what is going on in the outside world once you step on Disney property. 

This trip was much needed as I had been having trouble disconnecting my brain from work to the point where it has been unhealthy on a mental/physical/emotional level. This was the first time we've gone while they have been in the midst of finalizing set up for Fall / Halloween in the parks. It was really interesting seeing the park change little by little every day, though we missed the actual celebrations by two days. 

We are definitely contemplating a return visit in October to see everything all Halloween-ed out but until then I'll remember my fun-filled days of just hanging out at the park, enjoying delicious food, and shopping for sweet merch. Below are photos I took featuring merch and food I enjoyed while there. I'll be posting another blog going over my Disneybounds for the time that I was there so keep an eye out! 

First up is our evening at Cafe Orleans. This was the first time we've ever eaten there and we decided to do it due to the Fantasmic dining package (it has fantastic preferred dining viewing of the show.) 

No trip is complete without a stop at the Cove Bar. Since the renovation and extension, the wait time for the line has reduced significantly. We waited a short 30 mins before we were seaterd and had some delicious drinks and food (the latter of which I was so hungry I didn't photograph). We also made a stop at Trader Sam's, it was under renovation so the full menu of drinks wasn't available but we still got some good drinks and eats!

Next up was dining at Carthay Circle (always a must for preferred dining viewing of World of Color).

Our dining adventures ended as they always do, with a trip to Napa Rose. It's become a tradition for us to have dinner at Napa Rose to complete our magical Disney vacation. We always do the four course as its super filling. 

As always it was a magical trip to Disneyland with lots of good food, drinks, and great friends. What are some of your favorite Disney park memories? 

♡ Mana