My Year In Review - 2018


Another year has gone by and boy does it feel like it went in a flash. Though, to be fair, my life has been a whirl wind this year and it doesn’t slow down even for the holidays.

Since it HAS been a crazy ride of a year I wanted to take the time to look back at what I’ve accomplished this year both personally and professionally. So let’s get this list started!

  • Launched the Community Created Stuff Pack (Laundry Day Stuff)

  • Launched the Jungle Adventure Game Pack

  • Left EA / Maxis / The Sims to move cross country

  • Became the Social Lead for the brand I work on

  • Adopted a beautiful red-nosed Pit Bull named Latte (we never changed her name as it fit her so well.)

  • Attended E3 and PAX West for work

  • Was on a friends podcasting talking about Community Management.

  • Cooked our first ever Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey included!)

I feel really proud of everything that I’ve accomplished this year. While I didn’t tackle the art and creative pursuits that I wanted this year I did see a lot of really great growth in my career (including the shift from community management to social media management.) I look forward to seeing my career continue to grow in the New Year alongside my creative pursuits (art, streaming, cross stitching, etc).

What have you done this year that you’re super proud of?

♡ Mana