Oh gawrsh it's been a while

Hey blog, how have you been? I have been a bit busy...or rather that is the excuse I would normally give. The truth is that I had let some folks bully me into hiding and being scared to share my thoughts on this space or to be creative in general. After taking a short break to go to my happy place (Disneyland) and a short staycation I took time to think and realized that it's time for me to get back into doing the things that I love. 


Since my last blog (which was back in April) I have gone to Playlist Live in Orlando, EA Play in LA, VidCon in Anaheim, and hosted a two-day event at work. I have also gone to Disneyland twice in the span of  4 months and made a short trip to Disney World for a day while I was in Orlando. I'll be doing a separate blog about those trips over the next week or so. 

I have also completed a few more outlines from my Pokemon cross stitch project though I, admittedly, need to pick up the pace as I am lagging behind significantly. I am hoping to finish the outlines of the first 151 (plus Alola varients) before the end of the year so I can go all in on the colors in the new year. 

Another thing that happened: I reached "Affiliate" status on Twitch. I haven't streamed since I got affiliate because I have no idea what I want my emotes to be and so now my brain is thinking about the "long game" when it comes to this stuff. I don't plan on changing emotes completely as I'd rather just update the look of an emote than remove one outright. I've just never given it much thought as to what I would theme my channel around...probably Disney and Karaoke >.> WHO KNOWS. 

Looking forward to getting back into blogging, streaming, making more YT videos, and just overall being creative!

♡ Mana

Catching Up On Cross Stitching!

I have been very busy with work and going on vacation but that hasn't stopped me from really going all in to my Stitch the Pokedex challenge with full force. For those of you that may not know what I am referring to please see this post

Below are a gallery of images of the Pokemon I have completed thus far:

From left to right:

  • #001 - #003

    • Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, and Mega-Venusaur (not listed in Pokedex)

  • #004 - #006

    • Carmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Mega-Charizard X and Mega-Charizard Y (not listed in Pokedex)

  • #007 - #009

    • Squirttle, Wartortle, Blastoise, and Mega-Blastoise (not listed in Pokedex)

  • #010 - #012

    • Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree

I've been enjoying streaming my challenge but I've found that I like to complete the outlines prior to actually streaming them so it's better visually for viewers. So below are the outlines of the ones I've completed. You will see double for some as I'm adding in their Alola versions so that I am going in the order of the Pokedex. 

I have definitely found that stitching the outlines first is going to help me get through these faster than going one by one. It also motivates me to create content based on these pieces --whether that is live streaming or creating youtube videos. 

Once I finish up the other full sheet I will then start streaming this batch in between working on more outlines. I'm super excited to work on these. Keep an eye out on my Twitter for stream announcements, follow my Twitch Channel to know when I go live, or keep up to date with pictures of my work on my Instagram!

Also as a little extra here is a picture of a Top Llama charm that I created for a very good friend of mine. Fun Fact: This little guy has officially gone on his first trip to Europe!

♡ Mana

Project: Stitch the Pokedex

One of the big things that I've been trying to do for myself within the last few months is to get back into some of my relaxing hobbies: Drawing, Reading, and Crafts. When it comes to crafts the one thing I really love the most is cross stitching. My mother introduced me to it when I was younger and when I got older and realized "Oh wait, pixel characters like game sprites are totally good for something like this!" I was hooked!

Because I tend to start and stop a lot of creative endeavors I decided that I needed to give myself a goal to work towards. So to keep motivated to continue cross stitching I decided to give myself a little project that I've called "Stitch the Pokedex". It's not really original, I know plenty of people who stitch Pokemon, but I wanted to try and stitch them in order by the National Dex and starting on the original 151.

Though I made a slight edit in that I would add in any mega evolutions as I worked my way through the pokedex. While I wasn't able to get as many Pokemon done by the end of 2016 as I'd like, I did start only start in November prior to Sun and Moon coming out, I'm excited to continue as it's been very therapeutic. 

Since I am stitching these on plastic canvas and backing them with felt to protect the thread in the back of the project I decided to purchase charm straps and split rings to make them into charms for the DS. While I would LOVE to keep them for myself I, realistically, have no space for them (thank you tiny apartment). Though I haven't really decided what I will do with them once I'm done I'm excited and determined to finish the first 151 by the end of the year, here is my current progress.

I just have to finish stitching on backing to the Mega Charizards and cutting them out to add on the final touches of the slip rings and charm straps. Then it's on to Squirttle! Fun fact: I am not using a proper color chart to make these, I'm eyeballing the colors to see what works best. 

♡ Mana