Mana's Commissions!

Hello and welcome! Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible so I may be able to contact you about your commission(s). Any of the information provided will only be viewable by myself. Take your time and review all the information you have provided prior to sending.

Please read carefully
Examples of work can be seen here:
A * signifies the base price of a project for a single character. Prices may go up depending on difficulty of the project, size, etc.
Do you have a max budget you are working with?
How many characters will there be in the image? Remember that the more characters there are the higher the price. (Additional Characters: $30/each)
On occasion I will share work in progress and final image shots of a piece I am working on on social media, are you okay with this?
There are times where I will stream ( or record artwork ( that I am working on. Are you okay with this?
Please describe the piece you are interested in getting in as much detail as possible.
Please describe each character you are wishing to have in the image in as much detail as possible. Please include eye color, links to specific clothing you want included, and any other details.
If so please describe what you are looking for including reference images. If not, please include your favorite color(s).
Are you on a tight deadline? Any questions or comments?